Sunday, March 14, 2010


This is the story of an activity that I love so much....

For the past 1 and half year, I am so crazy of playing Scrabble..Sebelum ni, ada jugak maen, tapi just for fun.. but after joining NST ASTAR International Scrabble Challenge, I feel so addicted to it.. Serius best gile beb... Weehuuuuuu!

At the NST ASTAR International Scrabble Challenge 2010 - UM

A brief introduction - Scrabble is a word game in which 2-4 player score points by forming words from individual tiles..The words are formed across and down... Normally 1 player will play for 25 minutes each around (deducts 10 points for each 1 minute delay) ..

We could challenge the word if we are not sure of the opponent’s word. If we are right, the opponent will miss a turn. That is the basic thing we have to know when we are playing Scrabble.. And not to forget, Scrabble is not a game of forming the longest word (unless you can finished all tiles in 1 turn where you will get extra 50 points) ..

It is a game where you have to be creative in putting the tiles on the best place and being able to find them in a jumbled set of letters. Sometimes just by putting 2 letters such as QI or ZO, we could score to 70 points... Sounds interesting kan?

This is an example of Scrabble game I played in UiTM Competition.. I won first place!

A lot of new words I have learned since playing Scrabble... Contohnye, ZAMIA (I scored 100 point by forming this word!), PADANG, SIAL, QADI, LADINO, ZOEAE, WAQS, dan banyak lagilah...

Satu lagi mende penting yg kita harus tahu adalah 2 letter words and 3 letter words... If kite hafal words dlm 2 letter and 3 letter, you are on your way to be a good scrabble player...

Interestingly, playing Scrabble doesn’t require u to have good English, it is depend on how many words you know and how creative are u to form the words. Most player that I have met, know a lot of words, but if you ask me or them what is the meaning, we will answer, TAK TAHU... HaHa....

Tapi lagi bagus la if maen Scrabble and kite blaja perkataan baru dan maksudnya.. It will be more beneficial... Kan? ('',)

Scrabble Competition - environment
So, Lets play Scrabble and see whats your score today..Good Luck...


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