Friday, August 27, 2010

Chocolate addiction!

Everyone loves chocolates! and that's attracted me to learn on how to do it by my own..

K. Nurul, (jiran sebelah rumah) called and invite us to join her making chocolate..So, we came and learn a lot from her! And here are some photos while making the chocolates!

Proses membuat dan mengacau coklat...nyam..sedapnyaaaaa

ok...kawan2..kita tuangkan ke dalam bekas acuannya..

Coklat yang telah disejukkan...


Some of us, dream about it, crave it and gorge on it..Chocolate is perfect for a gift or even as a seduction! woot woot....So, come on guys! Make your own chocolate today!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ceritera Ramadhan~

Assalamualaikum.. (",)

Its Ramadhan! Today, it is the 9th Ramadhan, whether we realize it or not. Ive been busy lately. There's a lot of test coming up and assignmentS to be submit soon. Huhuhu....

Ramadhan dis year is a bit different for me since everyday i have to break-fast at the faculty. I have class going on everyday from 6 to 9.30 pm...Sdey kan? Luckily, there is someone waiting to accompany me break-fast. Thank you my dear~

Sadly,i will not managed to go for a 'solat terawih' this year. Hurm....Last year penuh taw! (Except waktu bulan mengambang la)..hahaha...

Today, is one of my happiest day! I got TPM a.k.a Tenaga Pensyarah Muda... Meaning i will get an allowance every month...and I have already got my job! Hooyayyy! Been waiting for this ages! Alhamdulilah...and Insyaallah, I have promised my self to buat kenduri kesyukuran once i got the money...

On the other side, I have to forget my dream to go U.K this year. Even i got the loan, I think i should let it go. Scholarship and Getting a job in a same time sound more promising to me. I still can go study overseas during my PhD, right? Its not the matter of going overseas now my dear friend. Its the choice that u make. So, choose it wisely and Im choosing TPM over U.K this time! I believe that, if I did not get the chance to go this year, InsyaAllah I still can go on with my dream of Euro-Trip using my own money soon! (",)
Sara, wait for me another few years ok! LOL~

I wish to come here again with mr.hubs to be! Anyone? Hahaha

Till then & Happy Fasting...

P/S: Jangan membazir ye kat bazar!