Friday, July 2, 2010

am Student again?

Woot Woot!

After 1 years break, its now time for me to be a student again!

I have been waiting for this moment guys..
I will make sure i'll do the best to proof everyone out there that I am able to be a person that can be proud of!

New University..New Place..New Friends..New Subjects..New House..New environment..
Everything is NEW!

Let's pray and hope it will also give me a good one!
Ganbatte nehhhhhh!!!



schmellow said...

hello dear :)

L i 3 z @ said...

samb stadi katne plak?

Sheila_Aziz said...

schmellow: hello (",)
k.dzulie: UiTM di hati~
Doakan saya ye!heee

L i 3 z @ said...

uitm shah alam ke. samb master ek. kalo kt shah alam, blehla jupe when i get there nnt =)

Sheila_Aziz said...

haah...k.dzulie duk shah alam ke nnt? boleh yg da bekerja knela belanje org yg masih blaja..hehehe

L i 3 z @ said...

sy mmg dok shah alam, dah 5years maa... eh awk pun da bekerja kan =p